BigHat Biosciences, a biotechnology company, has purchased Frugi Biotechnology, a biotechnology company. With this acquisition, BigHat brings in-house a reliable supply of one key input to BigHat’s drug discovery platform.

BigHat Biosciences is a Series A biotechnology company that has raised $25M from top investors. Frugi Biotechnology is a biotechnology company whose proprietary CFPS technology aims to facilitate further research to improve CFPS for antibody production. Frugi Biotechnology makes a cost-effective and reliable expression system available for cell free protein applications.

“Cell-free protein synthesis is a foundational technology for BigHat’s platform, allowing us to rapidly synthesize and test antibodies in a matter of days. We are excited to join forces with the incredible team at Frugi to further develop our cell-free synthesis capabilities,” said Peyton Greenside, BigHat’s CSO.