Avision Sales Group, a provider of facility maintenance services and portfolio company of Osceola Capital, has acquired OneSolution and JJ Shearer Co. Following the deal, Avision will form Forward Solutions, serving as the umbrella brand for Avision, Curate, OneSolution, Allynt and C3Consulting.

OneSolution is a provider of outsourced sales and marketing for industrial and commercial safety manufacturers. The firm offers work safety, facility safety, productivity and facility maintenance services for manufacturing plants, utilities, fire & rescue, contractors, food processing, industrial MROs and distributor customers.

JJ is also a provider of outsourced sales and marketing services focused on facility maintenance, cleaning and packing manufacturers across the Midwest. The firm will join the Forward Solutions brand within the Avision segment.

“Osceola and Forward Solutions are excited to welcome OneSolution and JJS to our family of companies,” stated Ben Moe, managing partner at Osceola. “We look forward to continue pursuing an aggressive acquisition growth strategy – both to strengthen our current go-to-market brands and to broaden our coverage to new complementary product categories.”