Automation Anywhere, a global provider in robotic process automation, has acquired Fortress IQ, a progress discovery and mining company.

The deal will create a intelligent automation through the enablement of organizations to accelerate automation initiatives and transform into digital. AA will benefit from Fortress IQ by advancing its AI-powered cloud-native Automation 360 platform with process discovery, intelligence and optimization to scale any system or application.

“The Fortress IQ team are the pioneers of process intelligence, making this a perfect match,” said Mihir Shukla, CEO and co-founder, Automation Anywhere. “Together, Automation Anywhere and FortressIQ will reshape the future of automation, changing the way our customers automate, adapt, and accelerate as they pursue digital transformation initiatives.”

“Automation Anywhere is a global leader of the RPA revolution, and nearly two decades later, is reimagining automation to be cloud-native, intelligent, and designed for every person in every company,” said Pankaj Chowdry, CEO and Founder, FortressIQ. “We share a vision to deliver and automate at scale, as well as share common values to help customers succeed on a trusted platform.”