Prescott’s Inc., backed by Atlantic Street Capital and a provider of refurbishment, maintenance, repair and service work for surgical microscopes, has bought Preventive Maintenance Medical, a healthcare company in the sterilizer and washer sector.

PMM provides preventative maintenance, service, installations, refurbishments, parts and equipment sales for surgical suites and laboratory sterilizers and washers. The deal expands Prescott’s footprint into the medical and laboratory sterilizer and washer service and support sector.

“We could not be more excited to have PMM join the Prescott’s family as we work to expand our service offerings,” says Dylan DiJulio, chief executive officer of Prescott’s. “When we think about the critical needs for surgical and laboratory services, ensuring that all equipment is sterilized and clean is of the utmost importance to ensure patient safety and the validity of research efforts.  The highly skilled team at PMM has been and will continue to perform critical services for clients.  The ongoing critical need to perform these preventative services makes the medical and laboratory sterilizer & washer category highly attractive and a natural extension of our business given the operational similarity and highly specialized skill required to provide field service support and repair and reconditioning capabilities.  We are excited to help PMM continue to grow and expand their geographic footprint as a market leader in the sterilizer & washer category.”