Private investment house Ardian has invested $25 million, via its Ardian Growth fund, in Translated, an Italy and US-based company that uses artificial intelligence to support professional translators.

Marco Trombetti, co-founder and CEO of Translated, commented, “We believe that allowing everyone to understand and be understood is one of the greatest challenges of humankind. We feel the urgency to solve this problem, because the more people understand each other the easier it will be for humanity to achieve any other great challenge. We decided to partner with Ardian because they share with us the love for diversity, they are capable of accelerating our plans and they have the DNA and means to do so in the long term.”

Isabelle Andrieu, co-founder of Translated, said, “I am thrilled for the milestone reached so far, thanks to our determination, hard work, and wonderful team of people that have given their time and talent to bet on us. We are rich in enthusiasm and desire to pursue this incredible journey.”

Laurent Foata, managing director and head of Ardian Growth stated, “Founded and self-financed by inspiring entrepreneurs like Marco and Isabelle, Translated already posts more than 50% of sales in the US market. Such unique achievements chime with Ardian Growth’s investment philosophy and track record in the software landscape.”

Bertrand Schapiro, director of the Ardian Growth team added, “By pioneering AI and tailoring it for linguists, Translated has shaken up a market historically dominated by only a few players. We’re delighted to support a company that has been able to keep on innovating in AI without losing sight of its overall purpose”.