ArcLight Capital Partners, a middle-market infrastructure investor, has made a $150 commitment to Elevate Renewable Energy, a company it formed last year to develop and install battery energy storage resources co-located with existing power infrastructure, looking to drive the clean energy transition.

Elevate Renewables is focused on developing battery storage projects that are co-located with ArcLight Capital’s existing portfolio of power infrastructure, with a total capacity of 25 gigawatts. The company also has a development pipeline of over 5 gigawatts of potential capacity at over 20 sites.

“We are excited to partner with ArcLight Capital and to accelerate the development of this attractive extensive battery storage development pipeline,” comments Eric Cherniss, head of development at Elevate Renewables. “ArcLight has deep experience as a value-added partner, bringing specialized in-house resources that are instrumental to growth and success with partnerships in the renewable and transition infrastructure sectors.”