Aquila has bought Comosoft, a provider of marketing production workflow services.

Comosoft is the creator of LAGO, a product-based multichannel marketing service. Over 7,000 marketing and production professionals rely on Comosoft technology to produce complex print & digital catalogs, flyers, and circulars. Comosoft provides multichannel media and product information management services for B2C and B2B operations. The deal combines Aquila, Comosoft and Atex’ offerings.

Atex is a software company selling services for media-rich industries. Atex is committed to helping companies build revenues and reduce costs through products that are increasingly personalized, localized and available on-demand.

Aquila is a division within Vela Software, and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Constellation Software. Aquila exists to help software operators build companies through permanent capital.

“We’re delighted to back Comosoft,” said Daniel Lee, CEO of Aquila. “Aquila is committed to partnering with Comosoft for the long-term. The business will be a critical new addition to our family of media & advertising technology companies.”