Altus Capital Partners, an investment firm focused on middle-market manufacturing companies headquartered in the U.S., has acquired Pinnacle X-Ray Solutions LLC, a manufacturer of non-destructive testing and inspection (NDT) systems.

Pinnacle serves manufacturers and service providers in the aerospace and defense, industrial, electronics, education and research, automotive and medical markets. The company offers custom services and a portfolio of branded standard products for the industries it serves. Pinnacle’s x-ray and CT scanning systems are used in manufacturing production, research and development and field service.

“Altus is very pleased to partner with a globally recognized designer and manufacturer of non-destructive test and inspection systems and we look forward to working alongside Pinnacle’s management team to support its growth plans,” says Greg Greenberg, senior partner of Altus Capital Partners. “We recognize and value management’s capabilities in our partnership as it aligns with our investment strategy to grow and continue to strengthen the company’s industry position and end-market diversification.”