Algolia, an API-first search engine, has acquired, a provider of search and discovery services including Neuralsearch, a search engine that uses hashing technology as well as vectors to enhance performance.’s product Neuralsearch is an instant AI search technology using reinforcement learning for self-optimizing results. With this deal, Algolia plans to combine its keyword search with’s Neuralsearch to create a single application programming interface (API).

“Our mission, vision and purpose is powering discovery. We’ve done this to date largely with keyword search,” says Bernadette Nixon, chief executive officer of Algolia. “With the addition of the vector search engine from, we’re going to disrupt the search market significantly. We’ll be the only product on the market that combines keyword search with vector-based semantic and image search, along with vector-based recommendations. Vendor consolidation is back in vogue, and being able to get best in class capabilities from one provider is powerful in today’s economic climate.”