Events offers many ways to grow your network and find your next deal even in these times!

conference speakers


  1. Industrywide SPEAK Series Conferences — large daylong virtual gatherings centered around a theme with tons of speakers and networking throughout the day
  2. Membership Meetings — more intimate 60-90 minute virtual meetings around a specific topic typically to start the day or around lunchtime that features an interview by our editorial team of a notable dealmaker in the space for ~20-30 minutes, then networking for the rest of the session.

GOLD members of enjoy complimentary participation to any and all of these events.

Not ready to join? You can also register for an individual conference or membership meeting, although attendance to the member meetings is limited and GOLD members are given first preference to attend, so member meetings cannot be guaranteed.


The editors of Mergers & Acquisitions will host 4 industry events online in 2021, bringing our special franchises to life with a day of insightful discussions and unparalleled marketing. Visit any of these links to learn more or make a note to save the date and check back when we’re closer to the event for more information.

  • The Best in M&A SPEAK, featuring the announcement of Mergers & Acquisitions‘ 14th Annual Mid-Market Deals of the Year Awards —May 5
  • 5th Annual Rising Stars in Private Equity SPEAK July 14
  • M&A’s Leaders in DEI SPEAK — September 22
  • Mergers & Acquisitions’ Inaugural Top Innovators in M&A SPEAK December 1

Each SPEAK series conference brings hundreds of your peers onto our platform, enabling an incredible networking and learning experience. After the event, we’ll send you a CSV file with the contact details of all the people you met throughout the day.

Mergers & Acquisitions Member Meetings – meet your peers, find your next deal

Business Meeting

M&A Member Meetings are an interesting, efficient way to bone up on an emerging area and meet others in the space. The editors of Mergers & Acquisitions invite influential dealmakers to discuss what they’re seeing in a particular market, where you can engage to get answers to all of your questions. After this 20-minute discussion, we open our interactive virtual networking room where you can meet others attending the meeting to compare notes and broaden your network. After the event, we’ll send you a CSV file with the contact details of the peers you’ve met.

Here’s a look at upcoming Member Meeting topics. Contact [email protected] if you’re interested in learning more:

March 31 — Evolution of the PE Business Development function
April 27 — Food & Beverage Dealflow
May 18 — Family Offices & Independent Sponsors
June 22 — Limited Partners as Dealmakers

Remember, GOLD members of enjoy complimentary participation to any and all of these events. Event Sponsorship

All of our events are a great way for your firm to interact with the community and raise its visibility. If you’re interested in sponsoring or speaking at an event, drop us a note at [email protected] and we’ll contact you.

If you have any questions about any of our events, please contact Kellie at [email protected].