Name of IssuerDate of First SaleTotal Offering Amount
Enfoca Descubridor 1, Investment Fund12/29/2017Indefinite
ChopShop Investors, LLC12/29/2017$2,500,000
Metropolitan Partners Fund IV-A, LP10/31/2017$150,000,000
Square Mile Tactical Partners II-A LPFirst Sale Yet to OccurIndefinite
ValStone Healthcare Properties Fund, L.P.12/27/2017Indefinite
Emerald Financial Services Private Equity Fund I, LP.First Sale Yet to OccurIndefinite
PCA Energy Partners II, L.P.First Sale Yet to OccurIndefinite
Summit Private Capital, LLC – Series 2018First Sale Yet to Occur$100,000,000
Accolade Partners VI-A, L.P.1/3/2018$5,100,000
Accolade Partners VI-C, L.P.1/5/2018$17,887,500
Accolade Partners VI-B, L.P.1/5/2018$21,153,000
Accolade Partners A, L.P.1/3/2018$6,640,000
CERF Co-Investment, S.C.Sp.First Sale Yet to OccurIndefinite
HCM Co-Investment Opportunities Fund L.P.1/2/2018$60,000,000
Pactolus/G4 Capital Partners Fund III Series of the Pactolus Series Fund LLC12/29/2017$80,000,000
Basin Opportunity LPFirst Sale Yet to Occur$30,000,000
Milestone Partners V LPFirst Sale Yet to OccurIndefinite
Sands Capital Private Growth Fund II-BLBK LP12/22/2017$2,585,051
LJ SM Co-Invest, L.P.12/21/2017$34,425,905
Hamilton Lane Strategic Opportunities Fund IV (Series 2018) LP12/21/2017Indefinite
Hamilton Lane Strategic Opportunities Offshore Fund IV (Series 2018) LP12/21/2017Indefinite
AP Asia Agri Service, L.P.First Sale Yet to OccurIndefinite
Infracapital Partners III (Euro) SCSp12/22/2017$2,500,000,000
KKR PCOP II (TE) Offshore Private Investors L.P.12/22/2017Indefinite
N2C Opportunities Fund, L.P.12/13/2017$29,825,774
N2C Puma, L.P.12/13/2017$1,000,000
Patria – Private Equity Fund VI (Delaware), L.P.12/28/2017Indefinite
Patria – Private Equity Fund VI Feeder, L.P.12/22/2017Indefinite
Patria – Private Equity Fund VI, L.P.12/22/2017Indefinite
Technology Innovation Partners (Lyft) LP12/22/2017$3,140,000
Hamilton Lane Private Markets Opportunity Fund LP, Credit Series12/20/2017Indefinite
Hamilton Lane Private Markets Opportunity Feeder Fund (Credit Series) LP12/20/2017Indefinite
Bedrock I SLP12/21/2017$18,000,000
K Property Fund I, LP1/2/2018$75,000,000
One Tower MedMen, LLC12/15/2017$1,800,000
Symphonic Opportunities Fund, LP2/1/2017Indefinite
OurCrowd (Investment in Varigate – II) LP12/11/2017Indefinite
Carlyle China Rome Logistics, L.P.First Sale Yet to OccurIndefinite
Audax Direct Lending Solutions Fund-C, L.P.6/30/2017Indefinite
Pieces Co-Investment Fund II, LP12/21/2017$2,000,000
TIFF Private Equity Partners 2018, L.P.First Sale Yet to OccurIndefinite
Mercer Private Investment Partners V, LP1/2/2018$250,000,000
Turnbridge Equities Real Estate Fund I LPFirst Sale Yet to OccurIndefinite
Napier Park Air Rollover Project Entity LPFirst Sale Yet to Occur$500,000,000
Private Equity Regulation D Filings (New Notices) January 5 to 11, 2018
Source: SEC Filings