Robert  Klein

Robert Klein

Robert Klein is Chairman of the Board and founder of Safeguard Properties. Under Robert's leadership, Safeguard grew from a handful of employees in 1990 to more than 800 today with an extensive network of contractors throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. Robert developed Safeguard around the doctrine of "Customer Service = Resolution" with the mission of creating a company focused on client satisfaction and strong business relationships. As founder of the largest privately held mortgage field services company in the U.S., Robert built a company with vast resources, unparalleled professional expertise, strong client and business relationships, and a wide network of government and industry contacts. Robert has been generous in offering these resources to improve every facet of the industry, and untiring in his personal commitment to address critical issues facing the industry. Robert is recognized as a leader and an advocate for the industry. He has led initiatives to improve the industry overall, protect client assets and reduce costs, provide current and relevant industry information, and strengthen relationships between the industry, cities, governmental agencies, and community organizations. Recently, he has led a collective industry effort working with communities to implement workable Vacant Property Registration Ordinances. As chair of the Vacant Property Registration Committee under the Mortgage Bankers Association, Robert has led the industry to reach out to cities across the country to collaborate as cities contemplate these ordinances.Robert has also developed and maintained a reputation as an innovator for the industry. Robert continues to focus his attention on initiatives affecting Safeguard clients, providing current and relevant industry information and offering creative solutions to meet their needs. Robert represents not only Safeguard, but the industry as a whole in national associations including MBA, USFN, CMBA, ALFN, AACE, and REOMAC. He has been a session leader and panelist at their yearly conferences, in addition to being the primary sponsor of the National Property Preservation Conference in Washington D.C.