Richard Baggott

Since 1978, the founder of our company, Richard Baggott, has been active in the Broker Dealer community through municipal sales, training, management and executive recruiting."He knows public finance inside out,” said a recently satisfied Public Finance Manager.Richard became a search consultant in 1989 after 9 years as a retail municipal bond sales person, trainer, manager, and brokerage owner.� In an independent survey, Richard’s clients said there are three things they most appreciate about him:Richard has a thorough industry knowledgeHe never wastes their timeHe knows almost every manager and banker in the countryAlthough colleagues and competitors tell many stories about Richard and his award-winning accomplishments, he is a “legend” in the collective minds of one client company for his recruitment of an entire capital markets group without word getting out on the street or any negative raiding repercussions.� Ask him to fill in the details.A graduate of Arizona State University and a Vietnam veteran, Richard lives and works near the foothills of the breath-taking Rocky Mountains.� He enjoys biking, swimming, ballroom dancing, and computer programming. But his favorite activities include those shared with his wife, Mary, and their three children - Darrin, Todd and his youngest Erin Rose, who has joined him in the recruiting business seven years ago.�