Marianne Byrne

Marianne is the FIS EGRC Solutions New England Region Director and has recently been selected as an emerging leader by FIS Global.� With a reputation as a regulatory compliance go-to professional, she is a frequently requested speaker at regulatory compliance conferences and seminars. � ��Marianne is a Massachusetts attorney with more than 25 years of experience in risk management and regulatory compliance.� She brings a wealth of knowledge in lending, operations, risk management, process improvements and marketing to both financial institutions and non banks.� ��For two years she has been a trainer for Consumer Financial Protection Bureau field examiners which has allowed her an insight view to the new agency goals. Prior to joining FIS EGRC Solutions, Marianne served served in various corporate positions with financial institutions as a Compliance Officer, Bank Secrecy Officer, SBA Officer, Internal Auditor and Operations where she chaired committees, developed compliance programs, wrote policies and procedures, developed customized training programs and prepared compliance reports for senior management.� Her ability to �speak� the language of her clients has proven to be a mutual benefit.��