Jody  Bhagat

Jody Bhagat

Jaideep �Jody� Bhagat is Senior Vice President and Head of Omnichannel Sales and Channel Engagement at U.S. Bank.� �In this capacity, he is responsible for all revenue generated through virtual channels including digital, 24 Hour Banking call center, and ATM.� His team is also responsible for integrating digital, phone, and ATM capabilities with the branch channel, so that virtual and branch channels enhance productivity of each other and deliver a superior customer experience.Mr. Bhagat has helped drive a $100MM+ digital transformation overhauling, Mobile, Online Banking, and Online Account Opening platforms.�� As a result, U.S. Bank has enjoyed significant sales growth through digital channels.� In 2013-14, U.S. Bank has been acknowledged for its digital solutions including #1 online credit card experience from Keynote, #1 mobile app and most improved from Celent, and �Top 10 web experience out of 211 companies rated by the Temkin Group.� �Previously Mr. Bhagat held leadership roles in Customer Direct channel delivery with other top 15 banks.� He has a Computer Engineering degree from The University of Michigan and an MBA from Kellogg at Northwestern University.� Mr. Bhagat previously spent time in Boston and Sydney, Australia and now enjoys living in the San Francisco Bay area.