Jennifer Farrer

Jennifer Farrer is a leadership consultant and communication expert who helps business leaders, from entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 CEOs, unlock leadership potential in themselves, their teams and their organizations. Drawing on her training in social sciences and own experience as a business leader, Jennifer works with clients to focus on the right things, put the right people in the most important jobs, have more productive (and enjoyable!) working relationships, and ultimately lead better—and lead better lives.Jennifer came to the leadership field by way of a career in marketing management at Capital One, Bluegreen Corporation and the American Association of Retired Persons. A series of “aha” moments led her to conclude that leadership strategy is the most important, and yet most often overlooked, part of organizational strategy.�She is a Senior Consultant with the pioneering executive assessment and development firm Kaplan DeVries. Kaplan DeVries has worked with senior management and high-potentials at financial services firms such as Lincoln Financial, Fidelity Investments, SunTrust, and Blackstone, among others.Prior to that, she was a Senior Consultant with Gallup. As a Roy H. Park fellow at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (M.A. Communication Research), Jennifer won a number of awards for her research on how different ways of communicating impact others’ understanding and behavior. She also holds a B.A. from Virginia Tech.Jennifer lives with her husband Ben in New York, where she enjoys the good food, fitness and flow-seeking.