Brett Thomas

Mr. Thomas joined Quicken Loans in April 2009. Since that time, Quicken Loans has transitioned from primarily an interim servicer to a full, multi-investor servicer with $10 billion UPB and 40,000 clients in its portfolio. Quicken has recently implemented a numbers of proprietary default tools and has rolled out their “Total Portfolio Solutions” which focuses on maximizing portfolios for others. Prior to joining Quicken Loans, Brett was Senior Vice President, Servicing for Origen Financial, where he was responsible for leading all servicing related activities on a 40,000 loan manufactured housing portfolio. Mr. Thomas joined Origen in June 2004 as Vice President, Default Services. Brett has 20+ years of experience in the loan servicing/finance industry. He worked for GE Capital Mortgage for 12 years and held several leadership positions within GE’s $100+ billion mortgage servicing portfolio consisting of conventional, GNMA, private, subprime, jumbo and MH loans. Mr. Thomas earned a Bachelor degree in Finance from Sam Houston State University and a Masters in Marketing & Management from St. Thomas University's Cameron School of Business. He is Green Belt certified in Six Sigma from GE and has been certified by the American Collectors Association International as a Professional Collection Specialist.