Adele Glenn

Adele Glenn is a veteran software developer and designer for credit unions. With seventeen years of industry experience in creative solutions for credit unions, she currently serves on the senior executive leadership team at SACU with a focus on R&D and leading project teams in new and emerging technologies. Adele, a recognized conversion expert, joined SACU in 2005 during their core conversion and has made San Antonio her home. Specializing in innovation and self-service project work, Adele likes to lead projects and teams with an inventive approach. Adele graduated with an NMLA designation from NAFCU, holds an advanced certificate in Management and Leadership from MIT Sloan School of Management, and most recently was recognized in 2016 by the Credit Union Times as a Women to Watch honoree.� When not at work, Adele is working diligently towards a 2016 graduation with her MBA program and her black belt in Lean Six Sigma. Adele is also a Certified Cicerone (beer expert). Adele leadsmultiple regional technical groups in Texas specializing in social media and STEM education. You can find her on twitter @symigoddess.