Today's Transactions:
Perdue Partners Acquires Benton Express

The target is a truckload carrier with 300 trucks

Perdue Partners has acquired Benton Express Inc., a logistics company.

The target is a family-owned truckload carrier that serves about 600 customers. The company, headquartered in Atlanta, has 500 employees and 300 trucks.

Perdue is an Atlanta-based global trading company that aims to facilitate U.S. commerce through trading, partnerships, consulting services and strategic acquisitions. Terms were not disclosed.

Perdue's buying of Benton is the latest deal in an industry that has seen a lot of consolidation throughout 2012. For more coverage, read "Logistics, Logistics, Logistics," our Q&A with XPO president Bradley Jacobs “Keep on Trucking” and watch our video “Logistics Industry Consolidates.”


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